Awake My Soul 2013

My original intention in this series was to return to abstract expressionism. And, as always is the case in my work, my life melded with the paint. And what evolved were the thoughts and actions I've been taking lately, in an attempt to live everyday fully aware of God within me and within every human being. Before this awakening I found that, although my life was pretty complete on the outside, there was something missing within me. I found that my mind and heart were clouded with the daily minutiae of life—the worries, the schedules, the social pressures, the insecurities, etc. etc. As I began searching, the answers began to unfold. Like the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” My “teachers” came in the form of books, lectures, and people that suddenly appeared before me. And they were all saying the same thing--”wake up”. Wake up to the “true” life, the life within, where everything else is born from. Open your eyes to the spirit that lives in your soul, that loves you beyond measure. Find that place where your Beloved lives and rest there. Search for the light that resides in you and in each person. Quiet the noise so you can hear that still soft voice that whispers, “you are loved”, that reminds you gently to live in this present moment, that longs to bathe you with tender compassion so you can do the same for others. And as each new seed was planted in me, my paintings simultaneously began manifesting this awareness as well.