A Life in a Day 2015

In this series the blouse is a metaphor for the physical body and each phase of a day represents a time in our lives.

Dawn is our birth. The tissue paper represents the thinness of our connection to our body. It is new to us and so our attachment to it is not deeply rooted yet .

Morning is our developing years. Here we learn more about life and our shell begins to become a little thicker. We begin to relate to this world and our body more.

Afternoon is the time in our lives when we are totally immersed in the busyness of life-- choosing a career, making a living, supporting a family, etc. At this stage we are very tied to the physicality of this world.

Dusk is when we begin to slow down a bit, we look back on our lives and reflect. We are beginning to feel the fragility of life.

Night is death. We are fully spirit again. Our body and our life here is merely an imprint.