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One is that it is more realistic than my normally abstract figures. I was influenced by a new project I've been working on for the past year. My stepmother, Kay Mijangos, wrote a children's book about my father and she asked me to illustrate it. She wanted the illustrations to be a little more lifelike so when it came time to transition to my paintings, I decided to dig deeper into this more realistic technique. “We are like books. Most people only see our cover, the minority read only the introduction, many people believe the critics. Few will know our content.” Emile Zola
After spending a week in the South of France for an art workshop, and then travelling to Paris where I visited many museums, I returned to my little studio in the North of Texas. It was here that I was able to pour out some of the inspiration I had subconsciously soaked in.
We are so often looking ahead to the future, checking off our to do lists, rushing through life. So, when life as we knew it began reemerging, I wanted to take snapshots of the small everyday things, to create a memory bank for myself of this slower pace I so enjoyed, and to not forget how priceless they are.
These pieces are a collaboration between my father and myself, which is a dream I thought I would never have the opportunity to fulfill.
This series has offered me an opportunity to expand my rendering of what women represent. It is apparent that Lace symbolizes softness, while Steel—strength.
In this series the blouse is a metaphor for the physical body and each phase of a day represents a time in our lives.
My paintings do not simply represent the physical form, they also embody the spiritual teachings that life “tries” to teach me.
Time and death are two events that are inevitable. I am addressing these two subjects in this series, not in a morbid way. But, rather as a reminder that we can be victorious over them--by living "ruthlessly in the present".
Reflecting on life--past and present
“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” My “teachers” came in the form of books, lectures, and people that suddenly appeared before me. And they were all saying the same thing--”wake up”. Wake up to the “true” life, the life within, where everything else is born from.
To ruminate is to think, brew, chew, contemplate, muse, ponder, reflect, meditate. That is what I hope my paintings invoke. I would like my work to create a thought provoking dialogue between it and the viewer.
My work is inspired by my life experiences and at this time I, very gratefully and simply, find myself in sublime “Still Waters”. The title comes from the 23rd Psalm
A collage of my miscellaneous work from 2011 and 2020.
I have experienced angels in my life—the physical and the metaphysical. This series, entitled Wings, symbolizes the help we get along the way.
I found that these figurative pieces challenged me more than the purely abstract work I've done, but it was a learning process, as is life.
I had no definitive plan or design. All I had was this deep desire to express the roller coaster of emotions of the past year.