Small Things

After the last few years of “new normals”, many of us have experienced a perspective change. And although it’s been a collective journey, we did not all experience it the same. For some, Covid took an unimaginable toll, while others were affected more subtly. Either way, we were all touched in some form by this world event. And many of the small, ordinary things we took for granted, were now seen from a different lens. Some because they were no longer available to us, while others were all we had. Participating in group activities were no longer part of our daily routine. We were forced to stay home, and many of us suddenly had the gift of time. And with it we could relearn or, possibly for the first time, learn to appreciate the beautiful ordinary.

We are so often looking ahead to the future, checking off our to do lists, rushing through life. So, when life as we knew it began reemerging, I wanted to take snapshots of the small everyday things, to create a memory bank for myself of this slower pace I so enjoyed, and to not forget how priceless they are. These ordinary flickers in time, like taking a walk, doing laundry, being in our backyard, sitting at our desks, etc. are what make up our lives. We sometimes miss them because we are waiting for the extraordinary. We race past them to get to the next moment and the next, all the while missing the real experience of life. Our willingness to appreciate these quiet little twinkling’s give us permission and inspiration to live in the real present, which is where life happens.

“How you do anything is how you do everything.” Zen saying